La Verde

Location On the north is the embassy district on the right, the city of culture and arts, and on the front is the Opera House on the Green River and opposite it from the side of the Green River. Features All units overlooking the industrial lakes and large green spaces also there are schools and nurseries _ clubs _ Commercial and administrative services _ petrol stations _ health services For spaces starting from 135 meters and prices per meter 8,500 apartment Own your unit in the new administrative capital Enjoy a new lifestyle full of luxury Where we save you ▫78% green areas and swimming pools ▫ Luxury architectural designs in Spanish and Italian style ▫ Large shopping malls with all the international brands and fine restaurants ▫Track the wheel and walk ▫ Shui area and Yoga area Book your unit by starting from 0% and up to 10 years installment
Areas:From 135 m To 182 m
Stand Alone Villa
Areas:From 420 m
Payment Plan
Down Payment:0%
Installments Years:8 years
Semi finished
Delivery Date:2022