South Project (J'NOUB) About the developer of the project Oriental Company for Urban Development The first compound was carried out in Egypt on the 10th of Ramadan. Al-Nakheel suburb project in Shorouq The Fountine Park project in the fifth assembly, which contains the first fountain dancer in Egypt. Baron City project on the ring road. Among our projects currently under implementation: Azadir in the fifth assembly _ Heliopolis Hills in transit _ Coral Royal Residence in Korba. In the tourist sector, the Oriental Coast project covers 1231 acres. In addition to its agricultural activities ... and currently the South Project. In the new administrative capital One of the most prestigious projects of the OUD Group (Development Urban for Oriental) Project Location: The project land is located in: (7-R) (No. 6-G), a very distinct location directly overlooking the Diplomatic Quarter The project is also located on two very important axes in the administrative capital (the regional ring road) Directly access to the Diamond Hotel and Ain Sukhna Road. The project : The total area of ​​the project (48) acres of project on several stages and consists of residential buildings and area For villas, a sports club, a commercial mall (Hyper One) and a variety of services, surrounded by a concrete wall 5.3 meters in addition to the fence Shgeri for more privacy The project is designed by the engineer (Omar Aqeel) design owner (LAKE VIEW _ DUSIT HOTEL _ LAKE HOUSE _ HELTON BORG EL ARAB _ MANGROOVY EL-GOUNA) Project features: . The project is based on 5 pillars rather than 4 as is usual in all the lands in the administrative capital. . The project has the least density and the least number of buildings (23) building only 48 acres. . The project is available in the hotel service, which allows for the idea of ​​investment and leasing later. . The buildings are ground, 7 floors and one block consisting of three buildings with 3 separate entrances . Number of apartments in the 4th floor Apartments have a separate entrance with 2 elevators and 2 main stair and emergency The land was chosen in the direction of the air passing through the entire project as well as the Al Fio for apartments divided by: (LAKE VIEW _ GARDEN VIEW) . The number of parking spaces within the project is twice the number of units. . A circular road was constructed around each group of buildings to reduce the movement of vehicles and increase the safety rate within the project for children. . The service part of each building has been done with great professionalism where drainage pipes, feeding and cables will be installed Electricity and gas pipes in internal maneuvers and not on the facades, the unity is distinctive form and subject. . It will also be built with environmentally friendly non-carcinogenic materials. Solar panels will be used to generate electricity in internal roads and services. Areas: Starting from 110 to 330 m Semi finished (Date of receipt) - 4 years Payment system: 1% presenter _ and the rest for 4 years 5% presenter _ and the remaining 5 years 5% provider - 5% after 3 months and the rest for 6 years 10% presenter _ and the rest for 7 years
Areas:From : 130 Sqm To : 246 Sqm
Starting Price:From 10.700 EGP / per meter
Payment Plan
Down Payment:10 %
Installments Years:up to 7 years